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LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS, By NADEEM AKBAR, ISBN;9789384439736 for print and ISBN:9789384439743 for the e-book.

THE AFGHANS;By NADEEM AKBAR, ISBN;9781434319326                     the video of THE AFGHANS.

These are the two books that I have written  Though these are fictions but they are very true to life . I have discussed the volatile world in it. The world has become a global village. If one area is in distress  other areas have the impacts of it. Look at the Iraq war, there were misery and distraction for not only the Iraqis but the misery spread to other areas like Seria and Libia  The west is facing the influx of thousands of refugees on their doorsteps.

Now we have American elections coming up.  One candidate is churning out so much hatred for minorities that it is unbelievable. He hates Latin Americans,  Afro-Americans,  Muslims and now he is showing that he hates women also. He hates everyone. If he is elected then it will be a problem for the whole world.  He can lead the world to war. This time, it will not be easy to come out of it, It may lead us to the end of the world.

We have another leader. known as Narinder Moody, with the same hatred for minorities in India. He is itching to go to war with Pakistan, but cannot do so, because Pakistan is not a weak country like Iraq.  We pay him back with interest for all his mischievous moves.

My books are a good read. They tell the story of the folly of a president who was gun happy and wanted to humble Afghanistan, but he failed miserably. In doing so he brought misery and destruction to not only The Afghans but his own soldiers and marines.