Two Nuclear Powers At Logger Head

Pakistan and India both are nuclear powers, they are densely  populated, and on top of it all, they are bitter animes .India, for a long time  is trying to suppress  the population of  Kashmir. The history of atrocities is very long. People are facing police brutality, killing of innocent people, rape of women and all sorts of abusive behavior from the army.

.Narinder Moody is not a good politician. He hates minorities and he wants Hindus to hold every powerful post.The atrocities are going on for such a long time that Kashmiris population is fed-up. There is a spontaneous uprising. Moody does not know how to control it. He very conveniently put the blame on Pakistan.

Pakistan  has an excellent Army, and Pakistanis are  proud people. They will not tolerate any mischief from India. We as a nation are  contented people. We have no ambitions for conquering our neighbouring territory. On the other hand India has never excepted Pakistan.

Moody is facing trouble in many states of India. His survival is at stake. He is lashing out at Pakistan in frustration. But there should be no doubt that if Indian Army crosses the border, it will be death and destruction for them. They tried, as they call it a surgical strike, and could  not cross back alive, Six were dead one captured.

My sincere advice to Mr. Moody is stop blaming Pakistan for your own failure, stop interfering, as we know how to defend our territory , It will be a sad day for you if you tried to engage us. You can huff and puff but you can do us no harm. So behave, show some maturity.



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A beautiful experence.

I was invited to a Eid Celiberation Party, by the group known as  Gup Shap group.

The founder member of the club is Salma, a very nice lady  who opened this club in her local library , for young married women who came to United Kingdom from Pakistan and they knew very few people. Now those young ladies are married for number of years, came to know their enviroment and settled down, but they are still very loyal members of the club , as this club  gave them confidence and strength when they needed most.

I was introduced to them because I went there to give a talk about my book The Afghans. Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 2.15.06 PM ISBN:9781434319326.available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Baker & Tylor, Ingram and many more distribution companies.

Today I was invited there and had a lovely time and  food with them, They are all very good cooks and housewives. In the meantime I had written another book and I wanted to introduce that book to them.LWB
ISBN:9789384439736, for print

ISBN:978938449743 for e-book

Available at Amazon, Ingram, and also on Kindle Self publishing.

This  is a romance between two people who came from different cultures , religion, and back grounds. It is a very moving story, if I may say so myself. I have introduced my books to you all but today I wanted to thank my friends in Plumbsteed Library , who were gracious enough to invite me and gave me an opportunity to know them all.

Thank you.

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Eid Mubarak To My Friends & Readers.

Eid is coming at the time when world is in turmoil. America is in its election year, very near to select a new president  I hope the new president is a politician and a states man, because when America sneezes, whole world gets flu

Pakistan is in a state of war, fighting against corruption, drugs, and terrorism. My deepest thanks to the Pakistan Army who have brought some peace and stability to the country by giving a lot of sacrifice.

LWBScreen Shot 2012-12-06 at 2.15.06 PMThese two books tell you the story of this region.

The Afghans and Love Without Borders are fiction but very true to life of people of Pakistan and Afghanistan

Read them in Eid holidays,  Give them as presents. you will enjoy them.



LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS,By NADEEM AKBAR, 9789384430743 { e-book}

Hope you like them and please write a review.

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I wrote my first book in 2008. I was over the moon with joy, thinking that my story is so grand that I will be a famous author in no time. I tried the conventional way of sending my work to big publishing houses. In those days they demanded written pages with self address envelope. I spend countless hours and pounds in sending those letters. Then the waiting period came. Three to six months  I patiently waited for the results. I was destined for a rude awakening and many heart wrenching rejections, with a polite word of “BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME”.

Then my husband suggested that I should self publish my work. I did that. As far as the book printing and cover and getting ISBN’ Number it went well. But I had no marketing skills.My book was as if, it was in a dark room  where no one comes. The results were as expected , No sales.

Then some one suggested internet marketing. and I had a little movement in sales. So thank God for the Age of Internet I was able to go on Facebook, Linkedin and e-mails.  I manage to sell a few thousand.Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 2.15.06 PM ISBN: 9781434319326

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Pakistan’s Birthday

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 2.15.06 PMScreen Shot 2012-12-06 at 2.15.06 PM

Pakistan was born on 14th August 1947. Like any new born, we faced countless difficulties.Now pakistan is a young and neuculer strong country. we have proved to the world that think twice, before doing any harm to us. We had our first taste of war when we were only few months in our existence. We had three wars with our much bigger and stronger neighbour India. now Idea knows that we are strong and we can defend our territories. Now India has  stopped messing with us.

We have many Pashtuns living in Pakistan I am also a pashtun. I am an award winning writer of many books.  I have written two Novels THE AFGHANS, and LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS, These novels are fiction but the stories that I have written are very near  to truth. these books describe the psyche of my fellow Afghans in a heart-wrenching episodes of courage, kinship, honour and love of independence.

THE AFGHANS by Nadeem Akbar, ISBN:9781434319326 for Printed book

THE AFGHANS by NADEEM AKBAR,ISBN:9781467012379 for e-book on Amazon.

LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS by Nadeem Akbar:ISBN:97893844397736 for print.

LOVE WITHOUT BORDER by NADEEM AKBAR ISBN:9789384439743 for e-book

These are good reads.


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Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 2.15.06 PMThe world will soon know who is going to be the president of United States of America.

World is watching because this country is the only supper power around.

It leaves a great impact on rest of the world if any thing happens to this country.  World has changed beyond any recognation after the attack on World Trade Centre.We have seen terrorists blowing themselves up on a very little provocation. I wish and pray that the world becomes as peaceful as it was before the Afghan war.

I wish that Americans will chose Hillary as their president , because she is a balanced person a mother a woman and a compassionate human being. World can not afford a person who hates rest of the world. Please read THE AFGHANS BY NADEEM AKBAR, ISBN:97891434319326 and LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS, ISBN: 9789384489736 to know why I am saying this.

Though both the stories are fiction , but these stories are very near the truth. They gives the understanding of the Afghan psyche, as to how they feel, how brave they are and how they love their independence. They love their freedom. For their freedom they can sacrifice every thing even their lives but will not bow their heads to a supper power.They managed to do that with British Empire. British could not defeat them  and decided to leave them alone. Then came  another supper power Soviet Russia. After ten years of war Soviet had to get out of Afghanistan. It cost them dearly. Soviet Russia lost a lot of territory to different independent states and became just Russia.

Americans could not learn from these two supper power’s defeat and jumped in, thinking they will change the Afghans. But after eleven years had to pull out of Afghanistan.

Read my books and pray for a sane president for United States.

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Disturbing News

I few hours ago I come to know that  Great Britain has opted out of European Union.  I feel sad and bewildered . It is very difficult to unite and very easy to split up. This was the hard work of many politicians over many years to build this kind of union of countries. Look at the history of  the world. How in twentieth century we had  two world wars and hundreds of thousands of people killed or injured. The pant up hatred had taken so many lives and ruined so many families that  the wounds are still not forgotten. We still have memorials and parades to remember them.

Now we have decided to go alone and face the world alone. In my opinion it is not a good decision. We should have stayed together with our brothers in Europe. But the decision has been taken and now we should look at the situation and try to make some sense of it.

Read my novel THE AFGHANS.Though it is a fictional story , it had come very near to the true situation of Afghanistan. I am mentioning Afghanistan only because I am remembering their struggle of nearly four decades. In those  tumultuous  years they have suffered a lot and given too many sacrifices.

If they had a regional union, like European Union.their fate would have been very different. They could have been on the road of prosperity and wellbeing for their masses. Now because they are alone in this world , they have to fight every inch for their rights and a position in this world forum..

I hope they will learn from this referendum of disaster and have friendly relations with their neighbours.

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Summer is here, but autumn is round the corner.

Long sunny days, time to read a nice book like THE AFGHANS.  there are many ways to read it. It is in many libraries in USA and UK. You can buy it from Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and many more suppliers. It is also available as an e book. and Kindle.

The Afghans by Nadeem Akbar, ISBN:9781434319326

It has e-book ISBN:9781467012379 on Amazon


If you read it please send me a feed back. I would love to know what impression I made  on my readers.  The story is good and readable,

Go try.




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Today is a new day of my blog writing.

I have decided to write every day some thing about my inspirations and wishes. As they say wishes are not something that comes true every time, so my dreams are still waiting to be true. I want to reach people with my writings. I have written two novels in English and many in Urdu. My Urdu books are a success but my novels written in English  are still not reach many people. If any body see or read my blog they can reply and tell me about their dreams and may be we can share are successes.

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 2.15.06 PM

Some of my sights,

The Afghans by Nadeem Akbar, ISBN:9781434319326

e-book ISBN:9781467012379 on Amazon



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How to publish you book.

I am award winning author but to publish my book was so difficult that its almost impossible for the new writers. My book The Afghans is a good book, had many good reviews but it is still not come out to my satisfaction. I want to know how can I enter the book market.Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 2.15.06 PM

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