A great way to reach friends and readers

LWBI have realized that when I write  anything on my blog it also goes to facebook. This realization had encourage me to write more often,  Eid came and gone. Now we have to wait for ten months for Eid-ul fiter

We as a nation are afraid to laugh and have fun  We need some excuse to do so. Most of the time we like to criticize others. I am talking of the elite who are educated and have time to spare , Our masses are too poor to judge others Their time is all used up in earning their keep. They work seven days a week and with difficulty manage to feed their families.

Coming back to the elite class. I have some advise for them.LIVE AND LET LIVE. I want to introduce my new book LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS. by Nadeem Akbar{by the way it’s me}

ISBN:9789384439736 for print and ISBN:9789384439743 for e-book.

In your spare time read this book, it will tell you about the people , as to how they live, love  and struggle in life. You will be able to look in to the lives of people living in two different worlds. One in Afghanistan, the other in America. By reading my book you will see that humans are very simmer to each other, with same needs, emotions, and likes and dislikes.

This book will give you a good read, and expand your knowledge about human nature. You will spend quality time with my books