Pakistan Day Parade.

I was sleeping and suddenly I woke up with twenty one gun salute in  Lahore. Now I was fully awake with a lovely feeling of happiness . I was in an independent country  where I was safe and secure.  I got up, it is a national holiday. At nine in the morning I put my TV on and saw the Armed Forces  parade. It was being telecasted on all the major TV stations. I was so engrossed in  it that I sat and saw the whole parade.

While watching I realised that three countries have also send their contingents to take part in our parade. Three countries were Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and China. If our enemies thought that they could isolate Pakistan then their hopes were shattered when they saw how our brotherly neighbouring countries are taking part in our happiness and sharing our pride.

by today’s parade and show of force,The massage has gone loud and clear  to our enemies that  Pakistan is a force that can and will look after its interests and integrity. and souveranity.

My two novels,THE AFGHANS,ISBN:9781434319326, and LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS, ISBN:9789384439736, are both fictions, but still the story is very near the truth. It tell us how a nation and its people suffer and have such hardships when they fight among themselves and faces foreign interference. Death and destruction becomes the norms of the day .

Thank God My county is free and united and powerful. I can sleep peacefully at night knowing that I am safe.

About authornadeemakbar

I am award winning author of many books. The Afghans is a fictional story of three generation of a tribal leader Allah Yar. living in tumultuous time in war torn Afghanistan. My new book LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS ISBN:9789384439736,for print, ISBN: 9789384439743 for e-book came out in 2016. Its a good read.
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