Welcoming the year 20017.

How time flies! I remember the year 2000. I was in London and watching the celebrations and fire- works on the banks of River Tames.  The Big Ben struck midnight and the whole area was lit up with fire- works.

The world was at peace with it- self. than eleven September 2001 came and the world was changed forever.

There were hatred and violent emotions in most of the western world’s leadership. People were not ready for war and there were processions against the war in London and many Capitals of the world.  But the war mania won and the many countries were forced into one-sided war. they were forced to face death and destruction.  One of the  countries on which the war was imposed was Afghanistan.

The Afghans are proud people, who love their country and want to live peacefully in their own country without interference from outsiders. They fought gallantly with a super power.

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 2.15.06 PMLWB  I watched the war with interest, as I am an Afghan.  I felt very sorry for the destruction of a beautiful country and its people. Today is 2017. The Afghans won again. They defeated a super power in nineteen century. They taught a lesson to British Empire.

Then another super- power had an idea of winning Afghanistan. This time it was USSR in the twentieth century. Afghans did it again and not only defeated Soviet Russia but also broke Soviet Russia in many parts.

The twenty-first century came. And another supper-power had lofty ideas about Afghanistan.

This time it was America.  It had the same fate. After eleven years they went home empty handed.

I have written these two books on the psyche of the proud Afghans.



Read these books. They are a good read. with good reviews.

About authornadeemakbar

I am award winning author of many books. The Afghans is a fictional story of three generation of a tribal leader Allah Yar. living in tumultuous time in war torn Afghanistan. My new book LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS ISBN:9789384439736,for print, ISBN: 9789384439743 for e-book came out in 2016. Its a good read.
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