The New Chief of Pakistan’s Army

I am sorry at the wisdom of our Prime minister Nawaz Shareef. Why is he taking his sweet time to appoint our new chief of the Army Staff.

Pakistan is the nation of two hundred million . It is a proud nation who loves its freedom and independence. The freedom was provided to them by the grace of God and by the Army.

Army stood by the nation in thick and thin. In all situations,in floods, in earthquakes, in foreign aggression, and in terrorism. People of Pakistan can live peacefully because Army is guarding them.

Our civil Government is immature and stupid. Nawaz Shareef does not see the danger he has placed our Army in. Army is waiting for its new Chief. This is an organization that works under set rules. They need to know who is the new commander in chief. Why is Nawaz Shareef not appointing the Chief?  What is he afraid of?

I hope someone will knock  some sense in our Prime Minister. Though every woman and every man of our Armed Forces are capable and patriotic and know how to defend their country.

About authornadeemakbar

I am award winning author of many books. The Afghans is a fictional story of three generation of a tribal leader Allah Yar. living in tumultuous time in war torn Afghanistan. My new book LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS ISBN:9789384439736,for print, ISBN: 9789384439743 for e-book came out in 2016. Its a good read.
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