Pakistan Day Parade.

I was sleeping and suddenly I woke up with twenty one gun salute in  Lahore. Now I was fully awake with a lovely feeling of happiness . I was in an independent country  where I was safe and secure.  I got up, it is a national holiday. At nine in the morning I put my TV on and saw the Armed Forces  parade. It was being telecasted on all the major TV stations. I was so engrossed in  it that I sat and saw the whole parade.

While watching I realised that three countries have also send their contingents to take part in our parade. Three countries were Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and China. If our enemies thought that they could isolate Pakistan then their hopes were shattered when they saw how our brotherly neighbouring countries are taking part in our happiness and sharing our pride.

by today’s parade and show of force,The massage has gone loud and clear  to our enemies that  Pakistan is a force that can and will look after its interests and integrity. and souveranity.

My two novels,THE AFGHANS,ISBN:9781434319326, and LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS, ISBN:9789384439736, are both fictions, but still the story is very near the truth. It tell us how a nation and its people suffer and have such hardships when they fight among themselves and faces foreign interference. Death and destruction becomes the norms of the day .

Thank God My county is free and united and powerful. I can sleep peacefully at night knowing that I am safe.

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Panama Leeks

I wonder when my honourable Judges are going to announce their decision  on the case against our Prime-minister Nawaz Sharif.

They started on a very positive note. Saying the hearing will be conducted every day. They were true to their words and the hearing was conducted very nicely every day. Now I wonder why they are taking so much time in giving their verdict.

The whole nation is watching and looking at the supreme court for the verdict. In my humble opinion they should announce it now without further delay. I am saying this because I have seen that delays do not help. I will tell you why delays can be a hindrance rather than an assert.

Take the example of Afghan Refugees. Had we been clear in our decision that these are refugees and not Pakistani citizens it would have been helpful all around. We slept on a clear decision and the Afghan refugees became entrenched in our society . They started living in the community,married their children in that community, and  were strong working class.

Now after thirty ,forty years or so Pakistan wants them to go back. Go back where? The land they left nearly half a century ago? What will be the stratus of the Pakistani men and women who got married to Afghans> should they go back or stay? Children that are both Pakistani and Afghani, what should they do? these decisions bred discontent, anger, and frustration.

In the same way the delay of Panama leeks judgement is creating uncertainty and fear and frustration in public. Many tasks are pending , waiting for the clear decision from the judges. Will this decision eradicate corruption or encourage it? Will the terrorists have fear or free hand?

Read THE AFGHANS, ISBN;97814343197326, and LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS, ISBN: 9789384439734Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 2.15.06 PM






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Life in Pakistan, how to spend it.


LWBScreen Shot 2012-12-06 at 2.15.06 PMr

Pakistan is under attack. We are having bomb blasts every day. For the last few days it has become an every day affair.

The Army is fighting on multi- fronts. Our enemies   do not want a stable Pakistan.  Our brave soldiers are defending the borders as well as facing the internal threats of  terrorism. My heart goes out to these brave soldiers who are sacrificing their lives and comfort to give us peace and freedom to lead our lives as we please. We sleep at night peacefully knowing that my fellow Pakistani soldier is defending me from any harm.  We send our children to school without fear and our fellow citizens   follow their work or any other task without fear. I have written two books. Love Without borders by Nadeem Akbar, ISBN 9789384439743, and The Afghans, ISBN: 9781434319326, on Afghanistan. These are the stories of the misery and hardships the Afghan citizens faces when the country is shattered by war and polarization and miss trust among the citizens.

We should learn the lesson by reading these books and  realizing how lucky we are.  We should forget all our differences and unite and be a good Pakistani and look after  Pakistan.,in our own small ways.

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Welcoming the year 20017.

How time flies! I remember the year 2000. I was in London and watching the celebrations and fire- works on the banks of River Tames.  The Big Ben struck midnight and the whole area was lit up with fire- works.

The world was at peace with it- self. than eleven September 2001 came and the world was changed forever.

There were hatred and violent emotions in most of the western world’s leadership. People were not ready for war and there were processions against the war in London and many Capitals of the world.  But the war mania won and the many countries were forced into one-sided war. they were forced to face death and destruction.  One of the  countries on which the war was imposed was Afghanistan.

The Afghans are proud people, who love their country and want to live peacefully in their own country without interference from outsiders. They fought gallantly with a super power.

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 2.15.06 PMLWB  I watched the war with interest, as I am an Afghan.  I felt very sorry for the destruction of a beautiful country and its people. Today is 2017. The Afghans won again. They defeated a super power in nineteen century. They taught a lesson to British Empire.

Then another super- power had an idea of winning Afghanistan. This time it was USSR in the twentieth century. Afghans did it again and not only defeated Soviet Russia but also broke Soviet Russia in many parts.

The twenty-first century came. And another supper-power had lofty ideas about Afghanistan.

This time it was America.  It had the same fate. After eleven years they went home empty handed.

I have written these two books on the psyche of the proud Afghans.



Read these books. They are a good read. with good reviews.

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New Years Greetings

We are saying goodbye to 2016. A new year is beeing born tonight. I want to wish all my fellow bloggers, friends on Facebook, and friends elsewhere and all my family a very Happy New year.

Today we should make a few promises with ourselves and some resolutions about the new year.We should make a list and decide what we want to achieve in 2017. I am going to look back also to find out how 2016 treated me. What I have achieved and where I failed. I should also learn some lessons about the mistakes I made.

For me, this year was not a bad year at all. my book sales were up and I also started my new book.I also applied for registration with Charity Commission of UK. Once I have my Charity I will try to help people especially women and children in achieving a better and happier life. I will try to educate as many poor children as possible.

In the end, I want to give my friends and fellow bloggers the list of my books

I am an award- winning author of many books. My book, THE AFGHANS is in many libraries in USA and UK.  This book has good reviews on Foreword Reviews, Kirkuk, and Blue Ink reviews.


ISBN: 9781434319326,

Publisher: Author House,

Distributors: Author House, Bertram’s, Gardeners, and Baker&Taylor.


My new book’ LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS ISBN: 9789384439736 for print and for e-book ISBN: 9789384439743, is out in Jan.2016.It’s a good read. It is also available on Amazon, Ingram, and all major distributors

My website:


My books are on Kindle also the link is.

Buy yourself a present in the form of my books, I promise you will enjoy it.

One of my new year resolutions is to promote my work, so help me do that.

A very Happy New Year to all of you,

Nadeem Akbar.





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Chrismas is round the corner.

December is coming , bringing with it the festive season of Chrismas. It is a time to be with one’s family. Giving and receiving good wishes and presents.

I am an award-winning author of many books. Some of my books are for teenage children in Urdu. I discuss the problems children face in an over populated, under educated and developing new country Pakistan. These are good reads, and I was given two awards by   The National Book Foundation of Pakistan.

My web-site :

. Go to it and get all the information about my work. These books are available in all the Ferozsons Bookstores all over the country. These are good presents for the Christmas

My two books, one,THE AFGHANS is in many libraries in USA and UK.  This book has good reviews on ForeWord Reviews, Kirkuk, and Blue Ink reviews. 




ISBN: 9781434319326,


Publisher: Author House,


Distributors: Author House, Bertram’s, Gardeners, and Baker&Taylor.




My new book’ LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS ISBN: 9789384439736 for print and for e-book ISBN: 9789384439743,is out in Jan.2016.It’s a good read. It is also available on Amazon, Ingram, and all major distributors. You can get them on Kindle


 These books can also be a very good present for the festive season. look them up.



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The New Chief of Pakistan’s Army

I am sorry at the wisdom of our Prime minister Nawaz Shareef. Why is he taking his sweet time to appoint our new chief of the Army Staff.

Pakistan is the nation of two hundred million . It is a proud nation who loves its freedom and independence. The freedom was provided to them by the grace of God and by the Army.

Army stood by the nation in thick and thin. In all situations,in floods, in earthquakes, in foreign aggression, and in terrorism. People of Pakistan can live peacefully because Army is guarding them.

Our civil Government is immature and stupid. Nawaz Shareef does not see the danger he has placed our Army in. Army is waiting for its new Chief. This is an organization that works under set rules. They need to know who is the new commander in chief. Why is Nawaz Shareef not appointing the Chief?  What is he afraid of?

I hope someone will knock  some sense in our Prime Minister. Though every woman and every man of our Armed Forces are capable and patriotic and know how to defend their country.

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Second November 2016.

I am waiting breathlessly for the second November All my hopes are hooked on it.We, the common citizens can only do that! hope and pray.This seems to be our last chance in changing Pakistan for the better.

The current government is under a lot of pressure since it comes into power in 2013  They had numerous warnings and suggestions. I am amazed at the stupidity of these politicians that they just do not learn from their mistakes. They keep on repeating the same mistakes, again and again, Our Prime minister has the paranoia of Army.   He is lucky that Gen Raheel Shareef is not like our old Army chiefs who thought that it is their duty to punish politicians on their  corruption. Gen Raheel is giving them a lot of rope. I fear they may hang themselves with that rope.

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 2.15.06 PM Read the Afghans by Nadeem Akbar and see how , because of the mistakes of the ruling party, Afghanistan is ruined.  It is very easy to destroy a country but very difficult to built it up again.I hope second of September brings positive changes in my beloved country Pakistan.

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Police Traning Centre Under Attack

A young man who is looking for a job . He gets his dream job and gets through training with success. He is on the top of the world. Happy that he has joined the job market. His parents are proud of him. Suddenly he gets a call to come back to the training center. There all his dreams, hopes and life is cruelly shattered. He is not alone in this tragedy, there are sixty  more like him.

I ask my fellow Pakistanis to put themselves in these sixty-one young men’s shoes and feel their pain and the pain of their parents and loved-ones. Just think where have we reach in this journey of building a nation? We were so proud to be a Pakistani, to have independence, to live our lives as we want. What went wrong? Why are we so full of hate? Why are we ready to throw away our freedom, our peace, our dreams? Don’t we know that we are going to die one day and will be standing in front of All Mighty giving the account of our deeds?

Please! I beseech you , change your attitude, have love  and compassion for your fellow human- beeing.Make Pakistan strong, for we have only one country. If we lose it , we will be like Syrians, Iraqis, or even like Kashmiris. Wake up.

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Why we are always in trouble.

I agree that Pakistan is a young nation, but we are here since 1947. When are we going to mature.? when are we going to hear that we have achieved stability and prosperity. Our 45%  population is of young people; with a lot of potentials.

Western population is growing old, but we are young and vibrant. Why can’t we make use of this huge power and make this nation great?

We lack in leadership  All are leaders are interested in their own welfare. How to be rich over night? where is the next commission coming from? how can I rule the country like a despot?  We need a sincere leader, who could put Pakistan first and  his own needs second.

I wonder what is going to happen in the last week of October?  Why Institutions like our Supreme Court, Police force, and the Army are  only spectators. Why are they watching Pakistan in turmoil and not helping? Please remember when a country goes down , it is very difficult to bring it up again.

Look at Afghanistan and be warned. Afghanistan was beautiful and prosperous. The leaders played hell with it. For the last thirty years,people of Afghanistan are suffering, with no end in sight.

Read THE AFGHANS, by NADEEM AKBAR ISBN: 9781434319326.This book will surelyScreen Shot 2012-12-06 at 2.15.06 PM open our eyes.


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